Empowered Creative

Empowered Creative

EmpoweredCreative Fine Art is the product of the talented artists with developmental disabilities at the Ann Storck Center. Creativity is not Bound By disability!

The Ann Storck Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Empowered and Creative by definition mean:

Empowered: To equip or supply with ability; enable
Creative: Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Put them together and you get the exquisite and unique works of art created at The Ann Storck Center. Each masterpiece provides tangible definitions of Empowered Creative. The artists are able, determined and dedicated to create and convey their imagination and original ideas through their artwork. They are living proof that creativity is NOT bound by disability.

By generating awareness or purchasing a motivational art piece, you will support these artists in pursuing their dreams. You will be surrounded by true beauty, as well as the constant reminder that giving up is never an option!

The Ann Storck Center is a nationally accredited, highly acclaimed 501 (c) (3) non-profit human service organization serving the needs of children and adults in South Florida who present severe and multiple developmental disabilities including Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Mental Retardation. The Center strives to discover and build upon the uniqueness and strengths of each person it serves in order to provide life-enriching experiences.

Empowered Creative - Creativity Not Bound by Disability

Help Fund the ArtZone


Support disabled artists by paying for costs associated with the ArtZone at the 2014 CIL Broward ADA Expo.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and allows us to showcase the work of disabled artists at no cost to them.

Thank you!




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