Who is eligible to participate?

Everyone can come into the ADA Expo. Children under the age 16 MUST have an adult with them at all times.

Where do we park the day of the ADA Expo?

Parking is available in the garage at the Broward County Convention Center.  Be sure to bring a valid identification or driver’s license, as access to the convention center will not be permitted by Port Authority otherwise.

General Rules & Regulations

Suitcasing is not permitted during the expo.  Anyone caught selling or promoting product during the expo that does not have an exhibit or artist space will be asked to leave immediately.

If I am exhibiting at the CIL Broward ADA Expo, can I bring my family and friends to the show?

Yes! Family and friends are welcome, and the show is open to the public.  Please have them register online at http://cilbrowardadaexpo.com/register-to-attend for faster entrance to the show hall.  Family and friends will not be permitted during expo set-up hours.

Will there be food venders at the expo?

Yes there will be concession stands open inside the building.

If I buy anything large or heavy at the expo can I have my car pick it up at the side?

Hand-carts are not permitted on the show floor.  Therefore, anything that is too heavy to carry should be shipped to you after the show from the artist that you are purchasing artwork from.

Can I bring my guide dog and will there be a rest area for my dog?

Yes, please bring your guide dog. There will be a rest area for your dog, the Service Animal Relaxation Zone, sponsored by Broward Health.

Will your sound system support my hearing-aid t-coil mode to hear the presentations well?

Yes it does. This will work during the ADA expo event at speakers presentations and fashion show.

I am deaf. Will there be deaf interpreters at the show and how do I get on to help me?

Yes, there will be Interpreters roaming the show floor and by the registration desk.

I use a wheelchair. Will the aisle and booths be wide enough for me move around in?

Yes, all spaces during our Expo will be ADA code compliant.

If I leave and come back into the expo, will I have to sign back in or be given a tag to prove I had registered.

You will be given a name badge.  This will be required to be displayed at all times during the show, and upon leaving the show and reentering.  Reentrance is permitted.