Hiram Bleecker

Hiram Bleecker, Emeritus Professor of Physics from State University of New York-Cortland has received numerous teaching awards, including twice receiving the prestigious Chancellor’s Award for excellence in Teaching. At Cortland, Professor Bleecker taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in physics and also taught “Methods of Teaching Science” to students who would be teaching secondary school science. Professor Bleecker has done research in physics at Oak Ridge National Laboratories on “nuclear scattering”, been a referee for the American Journal of Physics, and hjas delivered dozens of lectures at many conferences and campuses on topics ranging from “Art and Physics” to “Mathematical Modeling” to “Problem Solving in the Classroom.” Additionally, Professor Bleecker has been a consultant to several science text book publishers and to the Governors Schools of both North Carolina and Arkansas.

His background is as varied as his interests, having at one time been an army officer, a cop, a customs inspector, a book reviewer, a lifeguard and junior high school science teacher. Currently, Professor Bleecker is the staff physicist at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he “edutains” schools kids, trains staff, and helps develop programs and exhibits.